The McGargles Clan Gettin’ Ready To Head South!


Soooo, we’re hitting the road to The Great Irish Beer Festival in Cork tomorrow! The emails, phone calls and Facebook messages have all been taken care of. The out of office is on. The very important kegs are safely loaded up. Loading kegs is the most fun you can have with a Hi Viz on. This is the last festival of the Indian Summer and we are going to make sure it’s one heck of a three day party! We’re bringing three members of the McGargles family to the ‘Real Capital’. You will be able to choose from Fancy Frank’s Lager, Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale, Granny Mary’s Red Ale and the award winning Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA.

You already know how great McGargles beers are, and if you don’t then you need to swing by our bar! We are going to be keeping company with many other great Irish breweries including all of the Cork breweries, and there’s a fair few of those. There’s going to be some epic beer and food pairings including my own favourite: beer and pizza! The Frank and Walters, Crow Black Chicken and King Kong Company are going to be providing rockin’ tunes to soundtrack the event.

If you want to have a great weekend you need to hit us up at The Great Irish Beer Festival. Get in the car, hop on the bus or jump on the train, do whatever you need to do to get to Cork City Hall! We will see you there, we start serving at 4pm tomorrow!