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Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale Chocolate Cake

Beer is good and cake is amazing, so it stands to reason that putting McGargles and Cake together means that this Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale chocolate cake will be better than amazing.

And trust us, it is.

Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale Chocolate Cake

236ml of Cousin Rosie’s pale ale.
117g unsweetened cocoa powder
473g sugar
117g cup […]

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Why Unfiltered?

At McGargles, we don’t filter out beer because we know that unfiltered beer tastes better. Not only does it taste better but it is better. Better mouthfeel, better taste and aftertaste… Unfiltered and unpasteurised is the way to drink your beer.

Big breweries filter their beer because it makes it clearer, that’s true…but this comes at […]

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The McGargles Big Wheel of Excuses

This Sunday Ireland will square up to France in Euro 2016.

To say we have a score to settle with France is probably an understatement (you know what we’re talking about Henry). This is guaranteed to be a huge match. Win, lose or draw, there’s a very big chance there might be a you-shaped hole in work […]

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McGargles at Carrick Carnival

The whole family is heading to Carrick Carnival!
Carrick Carnival is back for 2016 and we’re going to be there pouring beautiful, small-batch beer as well as Trader Tommy’s Cider. There’s loads going on at this year’s carnival and to celebrate, we want to give you a chance to win.

This year’s Carrick Carnival will feature:

A spectacular […]

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Craft Beer Word Search

Having a slow day? Welcome to our world! Here, occupy yourself with this Craft Beer Word Search.

We took a stroll around the brewery and pretty much just wrote down everything we saw, then bunged it into this little puzzle, just for the craic.


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Beer: How Is It Made

We get a lot of queries about how exactly we make beer. It’s a difficult question because brewing is the perfect merge of art and science. How do you easily describe that?!?! Really, you can’t. But what we’ve done here, is try supply you with a good base for being able to follow discussions with your beer enthusiast friends at […]

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Brewing Up IPA

The Celbridge brewery is flying together, and we caught up with Shift Brewer (or Beer Jesus) Owen Ashmore as he was mashing in for a brew of Knock Knock Ned’s IPA. Catch everything in the below video!

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IPA – The lesser spotted styles of IPAs

Last week we had a big win, but even better fun at AllTech Craft Brews and Food Fair in Dublin. We were lucky enough to win the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 with our amazing 7.1% IPA – Francis Big Bangin’ IPA.

After the win, demand was extremely high and unfortunately we sold out at the […]

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Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016

Well what a weekend that was!

On Friday night, we were given the amazing news that our Big Bangin’ IPA, Francis, had won the overall Dublin Craft Beer Cup at the AllTech Craft Brews and Food Fair – the first time that an Irish beer has ever won the cup! The award is a credit to […]

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Which Craft Beer Glass Should I Use? Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beer is a serious business, regardless of the carry on that goes on at the brewery! Craft beer glasses are a serious business too!

Great beers should be appreciated, and for just about every craft beer, there is a craft beer glass to go with it. If you’re like us, you’ll drink it out of […]

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