Bloom 2016


Since 2013 we’ve been at the Bloom Garden Festival and 2016 was our most successful year yet!

With two bars, one in the Bloom Inn and one in the Love Irish Food tent (the only brewery outside the Bloom Inn!) We had our busiest and most booming year as this June corresponded with the launch of our Trader Tommy’s Cider (Check out the article on that here) and the launch of our 500ml bottles of Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale and Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA! With such a busy June we were delighted with the lovely weather on the weekend of Bloom and all the way through we saw Trader Tommy sell like hotcakes (or like cold cider!) especially the amazingly refreshing Wild Berry Cider, and it was the first time Trader Tommy was poured at Bloom!

We got to meet a good few fans of our beer and were able to have a bit of a chat with you lovely folk as well as introducing more people to McGargles and hopefully making a few new fans of them. With so much happening over the weekend trying to condense it down to a wee spiel is almost impossible so be sure to check out our Instagram and our Facebook for more from the weekend (Down a wee bit on the Facebook page and you’ll see what happens when beer meets physics buskers!) If you got to see us and have some pictures, feel free to post them onto our Facebook page!


By the Monday of Bloom, we had sold out of almost everything…and that was after another keg run. We’re really chuffed to see the support for Craft Beer (and for us!) at Bloom and we hope that next year is bigger and better!

See you all at Bloom 2017!

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