The McGargles Clan Gettin’ Ready To Head South!


Soooo, we’re hitting the road to The Great Irish Beer Festival in Cork tomorrow! The emails, phone calls and Facebook messages have all been taken care of. The out of office is on. The very important kegs are safely loaded up. Loading kegs is the most fun you can have with a Hi Viz on. This is the last festival of the Indian Summer and we are going to make sure it’s one heck of a three day party! We’re bringing three members of the McGargles family to the ‘Real Capital’. You will be able to choose from Fancy Frank’s Lager, Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale, Granny Mary’s Red Ale and the award winning Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA.

You already know how great McGargles beers are, and if you don’t then you need to swing by our bar! We are going to be keeping company with many other great Irish breweries including all of the Cork breweries, and there’s a fair few of those. There’s going to be some epic beer and food pairings including my own favourite: beer and pizza! The Frank and Walters, Crow Black Chicken and King Kong Company are going to be providing rockin’ tunes to soundtrack the event.

If you want to have a great weekend you need to hit us up at The Great Irish Beer Festival. Get in the car, hop on the bus or jump on the train, do whatever you need to do to get to Cork City Hall! We will see you there, we start serving at 4pm tomorrow!


McGargles in a can!

We’re insanely excited about the arrival of McGargles cans! Keep an eye out for Fancy Frank and Francis who’ll be arriving in very handy 330ml cans before the end of the year!

Cans are one of the fastest growing packaging styles for craft beer in Ireland and, most importantly, they’re the perfect package to ensure premium quality and freshness. The 100% light-tight environment means that harmful UV rays cannot get to the beer. As well as that, cans allow zero access to oxegen. This is essential as oxidisation can turn a great beer into a mess very quickly!

To start, we’re going to roll out our Fancy Frank’s Lager and Francis Big Bangin’ IPA in 330ml cans with lots of exciting plans in the pipe-line too…but we’ll keep that under wraps for now!

Clash of Clans Online Hack and Cheat

Introducing Simon Broderick

Last month, we advertised a position that most Irish beers fans were drooling about. Our beer specialists role. After making our way through hundreds of amazing applicants, we were delighted to offer the role to Simon Broderick. Here’s a quick introduction to the man himself.

Where are you from?

Athlone, but I’m living in the big city of Moate for the last 9 years.

Have you always had an interest in beer?

About twenty years ago I was in the UK with some relations and they were all drinking Lager Shandy, when I had a chance to visit a ‘Real Ale’ pub I tried cask beer for the first time, I thought it tasted soapy but it was a sight more interesting than the overly sweet shandy. Maybe 15 years ago I went to Brussels and an American bar man gave me a crash course in Belgian beer styles which really opened my mind. In 2008 I visited Galway Hooker’s old brewery in Roscommon which made me realise how accessible and approachable this craft/micro brewing thing was. I couldn’t visit Dublin without calling in to The Porterhouse in Temple Bar which was one of the very few places these unusual beers could be found. And then in 2013 the whole scene blew up and I was inspired to start writing Simon Says…You Really Should Drink This!

What’s your favourite beer style?

It’s easier to tell you that I don’t like ‘Lite’ lagers, Helles or Pilsner all the way to Imperial Stouts are fair game, I’ll drink ‘em all! I do like my IPAs…

What was the last beer you drank?

Yellow Belly’s Jack Bauer Power Shower Sour in Simon Lambert & Sons yesterday. It’s delicious!

What beer is in your fridge at home?

Buxton High Tor (India Red Ale), Magic Rock High Wire (West Coast Pale Ale) Mountain Man Banjo’d (Appalachian IPA) and of course a few bottles of McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA and Cousin Rosie Pale Ale!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when you catch Simon in your local pub or off-licence sampling our multi-award winning craft beers.

Great Irish Beer Fest

McGargles at the Great Irish Beer Festival

The Great Irish Beer Festival is a three day event featuring craft beer from Irish producers, live music, lectures, brewing demos & food prep demos.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Taking place from September 22-24th 2016 in the beautiful Cork City Hall, the festival will feature three sections and two wings with comfortable seating arrangement to accommodate a large number of guests. Cork City Hall is one of the most well known venues to host successful events in the city. Come to experience:

Live Music
Performances by The Frank & Walters, King Kong Company, Crow Black Chicken and many more bands. See the website’s lineup page for more.

Brewing Demos
The Lee Valley Homebrew Club demonstrates how to brew at home using extract and all-grain kits.

Beer Lectures
Guest lecturers will discuss a variety of beer-related topics from setting up professional beer tastings to starting your beer business.

Of course, we’ll be there pouring some of our multi-award winning beers and having lots of the usual craic!

More Craft Beer Awards for McGargles

Mary Gold

It’s been a fantastic year for craft beer awards for McGargles! We started on the right foot with a huge win at AllTech Craft Beer Festival in Dublin and our latest nods come from the very prestigious World Beer Awards 2016. Since the start of the year the awards have been non-stop for literally every one of our beers. So far in 2016, we’ve collected 16 medals and are shortlisted for even more!

Blow by blow, here’s how we’ve been taking the craft beer world by storm in 2016!

AllTech 2016

This was a great start to 2016 for us!

McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA – The Dublin Craft Beer Cup Winner

McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA – Gold Medal

McGargles Granny Mary’s Red Ale – Bronze Medal

McGargles Fancy Frank’s Lager – Silver Medal

McGargles Uncle Jim’s Stout – Bronze Medal

Craft Beer Cup

Meininger International Craft Beer Awards

Our first run out at these German awards…and we did just fine!

McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA – Gold Medal

McGargles Fancy Frank’s Lager – Silver Medal

Great Taste Awards

Clearly the name is bang on!

McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA – Silver Medal

McGargles Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale – Bronze Medal

McGargles Fancy Frank’s Lager – Bronze Medal

McGargles Uncle Jim’s Stout – Bronze Medal

International Beer Challenge

We have great form in these awards…and some things never change!

McGargles Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale – Bronze Medal

McGargles Granny Mary’s Red Ale – Bronze Medal

McGargles Uncle Jim’s Stout – Bronze Medal

World Beer Awards

This year we had two World Beer Awards with one country champion in Granny Mary!

McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA – Bronze (National)

McGargles Granny Mary’s Red Ale – Gold (National)


On top of all that…

We’ve also been shortlisted in the Irish Food and Quality Awards  and the Blas na hEireann Awards too!

Origin Green


At the Rye River Brewing Company sustainability is at the top of our agenda. It is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

We are truly proud of the unique culture we’ve built, one that’s filled with energy, opportunity and fun.Movie All Is Lost (2013)

We believe in our people, trust in their positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone and have actively developed a workforce that is diverse in style and background. The Rye River Brewing Company is a place where anyone can, and does, make a difference.

Our key areas of focus include:

Jobs, Education & Community Growth and Spirit:

We ensure that when we need something done at Rye River, we reach out to the local community first to see if we can employ their services or where possible and appropriate hire from the local community.

From Farm to Bottle:

We’ve made it our business to put sustainability at the heart everything we do so that there is a future not only here at the Rye River Brewing Company but also for our community, our country and ultimately the world!


The breakdown of our water is useage is

* for every 10 litres of water used

* 7 litres is used for cleaning the brewery

* 3 litres of water used in the brewing process

all to produce 1 litre of beer.

We moved to reverse osmosis when moving to Celbridge, this was required due to the water makeup in Celbridge. The process allows us brew with distilled water and build an individual water profile for each specific beer.


We are currently working on an energy efficiency project with our service provider aiming to reduce energy usage and re-distribute redundant heat etc. This is a work in progress.



Bloom 2016


Since 2013 we’ve been at the Bloom Garden Festival and 2016 was our most successful year yet!

With two bars, one in the Bloom Inn and one in the Love Irish Food tent (the only brewery outside the Bloom Inn!) We had our busiest and most booming year as this June corresponded with the launch of our Trader Tommy’s Cider (Check out the article on that here) and the launch of our 500ml bottles of Cousin Rosie’s Pale Ale and Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA! With such a busy June we were delighted with the lovely weather on the weekend of Bloom and all the way through we saw Trader Tommy sell like hotcakes (or like cold cider!) especially the amazingly refreshing Wild Berry Cider, and it was the first time Trader Tommy was poured at Bloom!

We got to meet a good few fans of our beer and were able to have a bit of a chat with you lovely folk as well as introducing more people to McGargles and hopefully making a few new fans of them. With so much happening over the weekend trying to condense it down to a wee spiel is almost impossible so be sure to check out our Instagram and our Facebook for more from the weekend (Down a wee bit on the Facebook page and you’ll see what happens when beer meets physics buskers!) If you got to see us and have some pictures, feel free to post them onto our Facebook page!


By the Monday of Bloom, we had sold out of almost everything…and that was after another keg run. We’re really chuffed to see the support for Craft Beer (and for us!) at Bloom and we hope that next year is bigger and better!

See you all at Bloom 2017!

Why Unfiltered?

At McGargles, we don’t filter out beer because we know that unfiltered beer tastes better. Not only does it taste better but it is better. Better mouthfeel, better taste and aftertaste… Unfiltered and unpasteurised is the way to drink your beer.

Big breweries filter their beer because it makes it clearer, that’s true…but this comes at the expense of flavour. Microbreweries like ours? We focus on the finished product so we don’t want to filter out the flavour of the beer. Our beers taste great and we want to keep it that way!

So, if we don’t pasteurise our beer or filter it. How do we clear away sediment?

A centrifuge which we already talked about on the Rye River site. Basically, the centrifuge spins particles out of beer which means that we can get the beer into our centrifuge and all the sediment from our dry hopping etc. gets spun out. Leaving us a much clearer beer.


Just look at what it does to Red Ale!


The McGargles Big Wheel of Excuses

This Sunday Ireland will square up to France in Euro 2016.

To say we have a score to settle with France is probably an understatement (you know what we’re talking about Henry). This is guaranteed to be a huge match. Win, lose or draw, there’s a very big chance there might be a you-shaped hole in work on Monday.

Never fear, if you need an exit strategy for the day after, we have you covered. Spin the wheel, pick the excuse, ring the boss then head back to that fort you had started to build in bed. Happy days!


The McGargles Big Wheel of Excuses

Carrick Carnival

McGargles at Carrick Carnival

Carrick Carnival Hamper

The whole family is heading to Carrick Carnival!

Carrick Carnival is back for 2016 and we’re going to be there pouring beautiful, small-batch beer as well as Trader Tommy’s Cider. There’s loads going on at this year’s carnival and to celebrate, we want to give you a chance to win.

This year’s Carrick Carnival will feature:

  • A spectacular Opening Parade
  • Fireworks Display and Water Dance Show
  • Carrick’s Fittest Club
  • Taste of Carrick
  • Carnival Night
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Air Display
  • Stunt Bike Show
  • Raft race and much much more…

To celebrate the return of The Carrick Carnival for 2016, we’re giving away a beautiful craft beer hamper with bottles, glasses, t-shirts and more! Winning couldn’t be any easier, all you have to do is enter your details below…simple! We’ll be picking a winner on the night and announcing it on the night and on our Twitter page.

Good luck!

Your Name (required)

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions

Click HERE for full Terms and Conditions. Open to Republic of Ireland residents only.

McGargles is available on draught in Carrick in: Ging’s, Cryan’s, Oarsman, Anchorage, Moon River, Flynn’s, Percy Whelan’s & Murtagh’s.

Carrick Carnival