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IPA – The lesser spotted styles of IPAs

Last week we had a big win, but even better fun at AllTech Craft Brews and Food Fair in Dublin. We were lucky enough to win the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016 with our amazing 7.1% IPA – Francis Big Bangin’ IPA.

After the win, demand was extremely high and unfortunately we sold out at the […]

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Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016

Well what a weekend that was!

On Friday night, we were given the amazing news that our Big Bangin’ IPA, Francis, had won the overall Dublin Craft Beer Cup at the AllTech Craft Brews and Food Fair – the first time that an Irish beer has ever won the cup! The award is a credit to […]

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Which Craft Beer Glass Should I Use? Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beer is a serious business, regardless of the carry on that goes on at the brewery! Craft beer glasses are a serious business too!

Great beers should be appreciated, and for just about every craft beer, there is a craft beer glass to go with it. If you’re like us, you’ll drink it out of […]

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The Real McGargles?!?!

Can you imagine our surprise?! The real McGargle’s have been in touch – no joke!

Recently, Patricia Goplin from Wisconsin in the United States contacted the us. Incredibly, she was bornĀ ‘Patricia Anne Bridget McGargle’!

Patricia’sĀ father was 100% Irish with all his grandparents coming from Ireland. The family think the original name may have been McGarrigle because that […]

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Five McGargles Beer Cocktails

What time is good for a cocktail? Any time is the correct answer there. When it comes to a twist on the classic cocktail, Craft Beer Cocktails are what we’re all about at McGargle’s. We’ve gathered some of our favourite cocktails and given them a craft beer twist. Some of these are perfect for the […]

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