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Three Bangin’ New McGargles’s Beers

We are very excited to be bringing you three bangin’ new Mcgargles’ beers. The first two are super hoppy with about 6 grams of hops in every pint. This equates to one and a half times the body weight of brewer Darragh in every batch so we are using him as a guide from this […]

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Quality Ingredients: Maris Otter Malt from Warminster

One of the main reasons for the great taste of our Big Bangin’ IPA is the Maris Otter Malt that we use in the brew. Big Bangin’ is a single malt IPA. The Maris Otter is from Warminster who produce malt in the traditional way. They’ve been using the same methods since they began back in 1855. […]

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McGargles’ Beers with Chef Sham’s Sauces

McGargles’ Beers go really well with a variety of dishes. Here’s a couple of pairings that we tried recently:

We met Chef Sham at a recent food festival and he gave us some of his sauces to try with our beers. The first one we tried was the Sweet Chilli Sauce which we used in our […]

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Beer and Cheese Bread baked with McGargles’ Lager

We asked our brewers for some seasonal recipes which included beer. Brewer Bill shared this one for Beer and Cheese Bread but was sure to credit his Mom Sally for the original recipe:

Sally’s Beer and Cheese Bread


8 ounces Gruyere cheese ; 4 ounces shredded and 4 ounces cut into ¼ inch cubes

3 cups all-purpose flour

3 […]

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McGargles’ Beers take home Gold in the Brussels Beer Challenge

Two Gold Medals and a Certificate of Excellence? Not bad for a Monday! The fifth annual Brussels Beer Challenge took place in November. Over a thousand beers from around the world were in the running for the coveted medals. The competition aims to promote the finest quality beers and to recognise the brewery’s achievements.

Francis Big Bangin’ […]

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Brewery Tour

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McGargles in a can!

We’re insanely excited about the arrival of McGargles cans! Keep an eye out for Fancy Frank and Francis who’ll be arriving in very handy 330ml cans before the end of the year!
Cans are one of the fastest growing packaging styles for craft beer in Ireland and, most importantly, they’re the perfect package to ensure premium […]

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Introducing Simon Broderick

Last month, we advertised a position that most Irish beers fans were drooling about. Our beer specialists role. After making our way through hundreds of amazing applicants, we were delighted to offer the role to Simon Broderick. Here’s a quick introduction to the man himself.

Where are you from?
Athlone, but I’m living in the big city […]

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McGargles at the Great Irish Beer Festival

The Great Irish Beer Festival is a three day event featuring craft beer from Irish producers, live music, lectures, brewing demos & food prep demos.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
Taking place from September 22-24th 2016 in the beautiful Cork City Hall, the festival will feature three sections and two wings with comfortable seating arrangement to accommodate […]

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More Craft Beer Awards for McGargles

It’s been a fantastic year for craft beer awards for McGargles! We started on the right foot with a huge win at AllTech Craft Beer Festival in Dublin and our latest nods come from the very prestigious World Beer Awards 2016. Since the start of the year the awards have been non-stop for literally every […]

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