Great Irish Beer Fest

McGargles at the Great Irish Beer Festival

The Great Irish Beer Festival is a three day event featuring craft beer from Irish producers, live music, lectures, brewing demos & food prep demos.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Taking place from September 22-24th 2016 in the beautiful Cork City Hall, the festival will feature three sections and two wings with comfortable seating arrangement to accommodate a large number of guests. Cork City Hall is one of the most well known venues to host successful events in the city. Come to experience:

Live Music
Performances by The Frank & Walters, King Kong Company, Crow Black Chicken and many more bands. See the website’s lineup page for more.

Brewing Demos
The Lee Valley Homebrew Club demonstrates how to brew at home using extract and all-grain kits.

Beer Lectures
Guest lecturers will discuss a variety of beer-related topics from setting up professional beer tastings to starting your beer business.

Of course, we’ll be there pouring some of our multi-award winning beers and having lots of the usual craic!

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