McGargles Win 6 World Beer Awards!

McGargles World Beer Awards Recap

The World Beer Awards were announced on the 16th of August and our McGargles beers have been awarded a total of 6 titles for 2018, doubling our haul from 2017! The World Beer Awards is a prestigious competition that is a celebration of beers from all around the world. This year, over 2,000 beers were entered into the competition from 30 countries. All the beers were judged by a panel of beer experts to determine the winners.

We’re delighted to announce that Dan’s Double IPA has won Best Double IPA in the world! Dan’s Double IPA and Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA picked up Country Winners awards in the Double IPA and American Style IPA categories, respectively. Daragh’s Session IPA, held onto the Country Winner award for Session IPA for a second consecutive year! Finally, our Frank’s Lager bagged a Gold medal, while Sean’s Export Stout picked up a Silver medal!

We’re unbelievably proud to add to the 3 World Beer Awards we picked up in 2017 and it’s a real credit to the brewing team and everyone else involved at Rye River Brewing Company. Our brewery also picked up 13 other World Beer Awards this year for Rye River Seasonals, The Crafty Brewing Company, , Grafters and Solas Hops & Grains beers that are also produced in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. This once again highlights the quality of our beers which are made with the finest quality ingredients.


We may have a few cold ones to celebrate this success!

Style Winner

IPA Imperial/Double:  McGargles Dan’s Double IPA


Country Winners

American-Style IPA: McGargles Francis’ Big Bangin IPA

Imperial/Double IPA: McGargles Dan’s Double IPA

Session IPA: McGargles Darragh’s Session IPA


Medal Winners

Gold Medal: McGargles Frank’s Lager

Silver Medal: McGargles Sean’s Export Stout

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