Quality Ingredients: Maris Otter Malt from Warminster

Maris Otter Malt from Warminster which is used in McGargles’ Big Bangin’ IPA

One of the main reasons for the great taste of our Big Bangin’ IPA is the Maris Otter Malt that we use in the brew. Big Bangin’ is a single malt IPA. The Maris Otter is from Warminster who produce malt in the traditional way. They’ve been using the same methods since they began back in 1855. They spread the barley out on a heated floor and it is hand turned as rakes are pulled through the grain. It’s a labour intensive operation which means the malt isn’t cheap but we think it’s worth it! Warminster malt fresh barley for every order which ensures maximum flavour. If you come and visit the brewery you can taste the malt. It’s delicious.

We believe in using the best quality ingredients that we can find to produce our amazing beers. We will tell you about more of them in the coming weeks. Keep an eye here for that! If you want to learn more about Warminster check out this link:

Spare a thought for the lad (or lady) hand turning the malt the next time you’re enjoying one of our beers. Sláinte!


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