Introducing Simon Broderick

Last month, we advertised a position that most Irish beers fans were drooling about. Our beer specialists role. After making our way through hundreds of amazing applicants, we were delighted to offer the role to Simon Broderick. Here’s a quick introduction to the man himself.

Where are you from?

Athlone, but I’m living in the big city of Moate for the last 9 years.

Have you always had an interest in beer?

About twenty years ago I was in the UK with some relations and they were all drinking Lager Shandy, when I had a chance to visit a ‘Real Ale’ pub I tried cask beer for the first time, I thought it tasted soapy but it was a sight more interesting than the overly sweet shandy. Maybe 15 years ago I went to Brussels and an American bar man gave me a crash course in Belgian beer styles which really opened my mind. In 2008 I visited Galway Hooker’s old brewery in Roscommon which made me realise how accessible and approachable this craft/micro brewing thing was. I couldn’t visit Dublin without calling in to The Porterhouse in Temple Bar which was one of the very few places these unusual beers could be found. And then in 2013 the whole scene blew up and I was inspired to start writing Simon Says…You Really Should Drink This!

What’s your favourite beer style?

It’s easier to tell you that I don’t like ‘Lite’ lagers, Helles or Pilsner all the way to Imperial Stouts are fair game, I’ll drink ‘em all! I do like my IPAs…

What was the last beer you drank?

Yellow Belly’s Jack Bauer Power Shower Sour in Simon Lambert & Sons yesterday. It’s delicious!

What beer is in your fridge at home?

Buxton High Tor (India Red Ale), Magic Rock High Wire (West Coast Pale Ale) Mountain Man Banjo’d (Appalachian IPA) and of course a few bottles of McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA and Cousin Rosie Pale Ale!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when you catch Simon in your local pub or off-licence sampling our multi-award winning craft beers.

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