Why Unfiltered?

At McGargles, we don’t filter out beer because we know that unfiltered beer tastes better. Not only does it taste better but it is better. Better mouthfeel, better taste and aftertaste… Unfiltered and unpasteurised is the way to drink your beer.

Big breweries filter their beer because it makes it clearer, that’s true…but this comes at the expense of flavour. Microbreweries like ours? We focus on the finished product so we don’t want to filter out the flavour of the beer. Our beers taste great and we want to keep it that way!

So, if we don’t pasteurise our beer or filter it. How do we clear away sediment?

A centrifuge which we already talked about on the Rye River site. Basically, the centrifuge spins particles out of beer which means that we can get the beer into our centrifuge and all the sediment from our dry hopping etc. gets spun out. Leaving us a much clearer beer.


Just look at what it does to Red Ale!

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